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Welcome to Lockeland Design Center

Lockeland Elementary Design Center is a public magnet school designed with a specific emphasis on literature and language. Literature is the medium utilized at Lockeland to increase student knowledge and achievement in all subject areas. Spanish instruction is offered to students in grades K-4. In addition to the core subjects offered at Lockeland, students receive art, music and physical education instruction. With a focus on rigorous academics taught by nurturing and encouraging teachers, Lockeland students excel both inside and outside the classroom. Third and fourth graders regularly place in the top five percent of students in the state for performance as measured by overall student achievement levels under the accountability system. 

Lockeland Design Center is a special place. Entering through our red front doors, you will immediately notice uniqueness not found in other schools. Colorful art line the walls, parents willingly volunteer all over the building, and students are happily engaged in authentic learning activities. You will often see students working together to solve a math problem or discuss a book they are reading. You may see children absorbed in a book so deeply that they may not even notice your visit. If you come early, you'll be sure to catch teachers conducting morning meetings to build that safe and supportive climate that students need in their classrooms. You'll probably hear laughter as students play at recess or work together on a project.

You will always see and hear amazing lessons that are taught by confident teachers who are experts in their craft. At Lockeland, teachers believe that children in elementary school should be both nurtured and challenged. The curriculum is carefully and thoughtfully balanced. Students have a deep understanding of the materials they have studied, and they have the ability to think critically and independently.

We believe...

  • All children can learn. 
  • Optimal learning occurs when: instructional time is protected by the principal, parents, teachers and students; teachers assess students and plan instruction accordingly; teachers teach established curriculum standards ; teachers implement the best instructional practices; parents are involved the the school and in their child's education.  
  • Each student will meet academic standards and we will provide support for each student to succeed.
  • Each student is a unique individual deserving respect, fairness, and understanding.
  • Students are entitled to learn in a safe and orderly environment.
  • It is important to involve parents and the community in the education of students. 

School Hours

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

School Cluster

Use the online zone map to learn more about our school cluster. 

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District 5